Saber Instructions

Saber Basics

How To Assemble Your Saber

Charging Your Saber


How To Use Your Saber

RGB Base Lit (From July 2023 all RGB Cores have Xeno 3 Boards)

Xenopixel V2 (Eco Pixel) - (From May 2023 all Eco Cores have Xeno 3 Boards)

Xeno 3 (RGB / Eco Pixel)

Proffie Pixel



How To Customise Your Saber

Proffie Pixel - Sounds, Visuals and Controls

Xenopixel V2 (Eco Pixel) - Sounds

GHv3 (Coming Soon)


How To Change Your Core (Replacements/Upgrades)

Standard Core


Firmware Updates

Xenopixel V2 (Eco Pixel) - Firmware Updates


Pre Installed Sound Fonts

Xeno 3 (Eco Pixel)


For more help please see our FAQs page. We do also have a Troubleshoot page is you are having any issues.