What is the difference between Standard, Eco Pixel, Proffie Pixel and GHv3 blades?

Standard blades require a base lit hilt. This means that the LED light is emitted from the hilt and shines up inside the blade.

Eco Pixel, GHv3 Pixel and Proffie Pixel sabers have LED strips that run along the entire length of the blade making them much brighter than the standard blades.

The Eco, GHv3 and Proffie have preset profiles with character sound fonts and blade colours, as well as visual effects.

So what about the difference between Eco Pixel and GHv3/Proffie Pixel?

Eco Pixel sabers have visuals which can't be customised. These are perfect for someone wanting to upgrade from the standard RGB base lit saber but with similar features to the GHv3/Proffie Pixel sabers (the super bright 50W LED blade and cool sounds).

As of September 2021 we introduced the new Xenopixel V2 board (this replaced the old Eco V1). That means if you place an order for an Eco saber you will get the new board which has many more features on compared to the original.

The Xenopixel V2 (Eco) has new modes such as blaster gun mode, ghost blade, 5 different blade styles and 6 ignitions. You are also able to customise the sounds so each font can be edited by adding or editing files.

If you are wanting to go the whole way and fully customise the sounds and visuals of your saber, then GHv3/Proffie Pixel is for you.

Currently we are sold out of Proffie boards and this will soon be replaced with a new high end board - Golden Harvest v3. More info here

The GHv3 and Proffie are both high end boards and both have full customisation. The Proffie is a little more complicated to edit and requires the use of computer software. GHv3 on the other hand can be changed and edited on the go using the button on the saber. This actually gives it a lot more flexibilty as you can edit settings without having to always go to a computer to do this - much more convenient if at events such as Comic Con.

What is difference between standard and premium hilts?

Standard hilts are in most case generic designs, made with different styles of emitters, grips and pommels. Premium hilts are as close to being screen accurate as possible while still maintaining a practical design, allowing electronics to be installed and for them to be used for combat. Premium hilts are based on the films, series and games.

Some of our more expensive range of standard hilts have been based on the design of some of the premium (such as the Praxeum which looks similar to a Luke). These are not as accurate in detail as the premium models but still made with high quality materials.

What is a Neopixel Blade?

The word Neopixel is a product name for the LED strip that runs along the inside of a blade. We refer to these as pixel blades rather than Neopixel.

Our RGB base lit cores do not use pixel blades. Our Ecopixel (Xenopixel V2) and GHv3 cores both use a pixel blade.

Full Saber Instructions

Full instructions on assembling, using and customising the sabers can be found on our saber instrucitons page.

How do I attached my blade to the hilt?

To attach the blade to the hilt, you need to insert the blade in to the emitter and tighten the provided screws either side of the emitter. There will be some threaded holes that the screws will go in to. This can be done with the small allen key that is provided. Tighten until you pinch the blade so it stays in place.


Can I use my saber for combat?

Absolutely! These are made for having duels but please do so safely.

We recommend that you use full protective equipment if using the sabers for  combat, including face and hand protection. Please make sure you have plenty of space and permission from any land/property owners.

Please also note that for heavier duelling we recommend the RGB base lit combat sabers. The Eco Pixel and Proffie Pixel combat sabers have an LED strip along the blade which can be used for duelling however we would recommend these blades for light/medium duelling.

How many colours do the sabers have?

The RGB base lit sabers have over 11 different blade colours which can be changed using the button on the hilt. The Xenopixel V2 and Proffie sabers have infinite colour change modes where you start a colour cycle and can stop it at any point to get the colour you would like.

We also have different coloured hilts which can be selected when viewing a saber. If a colour does not show on the page it means we do not offer a hilt of that colour!


How do I use my RGB base lit one button saber?

You will have received instructions on how to use your saber however we have put a video together to help explain the features.

How do I use my proffie pixel one button saber?

You will have received instructions on how to use your saber however we have put a video together to help explain the features.

How do I use my eco pixel (Xenopixel V2) one button saber?

From September 2021 we have introduced a new eco board which works differently from the proffie pixel. You will have received instructions on how to use your saber however we have put a video together to help explain the features. There is one video on button controls and a second on motion controls.

My Saber does not have an LED ring like in the videos, how do I use it?

Some of our sabers do not have the LED rings like shown in many of the YouTube instructions videos. These sabers include the Praxeum, and the majority of the Premium sabers.

These have been designed with a slightly different button to the standard sabers due to the design of the hilt and many have switch boards which cover the button anyway.

The sabers still function the same way as the instructions in the YouTube videos but require the button to be held based on timing rather than seeing a physical LED ring.

Any mention of 1 LED flash is equivalent to holding the button for 0.5 seconds. 2 LED flashes is 1 second. 3 LED flashes is 1.5 seconds and 4 LED flashes is 2 seconds.

It can take a little practise to get used to the timing but very quickly becomes quite easy to control after using it for some time. We are currently working on a YouTube video to demonstrate this which we will get uploaded as soon as we can.

How do I connect two sabers to make a staff?

To connect two sabers you need to have a coupler. Some of the sabers already have these attached and some would require them as an additional piece. Simply unscrew the pommel or coupler from one saber and directly screw it in to the coupler on the other saber.

What are the small metal rings for that came with my saber?

These are spacers so you can align your emitter with the buttons on your hilt. Sometimes these are not needed however if your emitter will not line up then these are required to help align the hilt.

What is the small board and plug that came with my premium saber?

We have blade plugs and switch boards which may come with your premium saber. The blade plug can be used instead of your blade which makes it easier carrying the hilt on your belt, or if you want to display your saber without the blade inserted then the plug will give it a nicer finish. It is purely cosmetic. This is the same for the small boards - these are boards that cover the switch on some of our premium models.

Both the plug and boards can be seen in our video - How To Assemble Your Thin Neck Saber.

How do I change the core on my saber?

To change the core on your saber, you need to unscrew the hilt, take out any screws which hold the chassis in place and then slide it out. The core can then be swapped with another whether this is with a replacement core or an upgraded core.

Questions about my order

What courier do you ship my order?

We use a variety of couriers. The majority of orders are sent via MyHermes however, we may use ParcelForce or DHL for some orders.

Orders outside of the UK are often sent via DHL, FedEx or DPD.

When does my order get disptached and how long will it take to reach me?

We try our best to be as fast and efficient at getting your item packed and shipped out to you. The majority of sabers are built to order and can take around 2 weeks to build. We send out our orders promptly when they are ready which is normally delivered in 2-3 days, however please allow 5-10 working days for your item to reach you after being dispatched.

My order is showing as unfulfilled, what does this mean?

If your order is showing as unfulfilled, this means that it has not yet been dispatched. When your order is dispatched, the status will then change to fulfilled.

Part of my order is missing, what should I do?

Regrettably mistakes can happen. If you have received your order and an item is missing, please contact us giving your order number and the missing item and the issue will be looked into. We will ship missing items out straight away after being notified.

My order has not arrived yet, where is it?

Please allow 2-3 days from the date of dispatch. If your order has still not arrived after a maximum of 10 days though please contact us. Normally we will allow this amount of time for the items to get to you before taking the issue further as most items in the post eventually turn up but sometimes can be delayed for reasons out of our control. If it has still not arrived after allowing extra time we will send you a declaration form which needs to be signed and sent back to us stating that you have not received the item before a replacement or refund can be given.

How do I track my order?

You can track your order by checking your tracking number on the email that is sent when we have dispatched your saber. Your email will tell you who it was sent with so you can track it on their tracking page.

We also use a tracking app called Aftership. You will get an email asking you if you would like to install the tracking app which is optional. You can check your tracking here on the app. You will also get updates by email on different stages of your order being delivered.

I'm having technical problems with my order, can you help?

Yes we can help! Please visit our troubleshoot page first as most problems are simple fixes. You can see the troubleshoot page here. Please email us or use our webchat to get in touch, our contact us page has additional help.

Do I have to pay for return postage?

If you are returning an item to us for a refund or an exchange then the cost of returning the item to us is your responsibility.

Please note, the item is your responsibility until it reaches us. For your own protection, we recommend that you send the item using a delivery service that insures you for the value of the goods.

Refunds on postage may be given in certain circumstances such as damaged items or missing parts however apart from this, it is your responsibility to pay postage.

What is your returns address?

ES Sabers
Unit 22 Ramsden Court
Rotherwas Industrial Estate
United Kingdom

How long will a replacement take?

Please allow 2 working days from receipt of return for the replacement to be processed. Once processed please allow 1-2 weeks for any custom building or weapon assembly and an additional 2-3 working days to receive your replaced goods.

How long will a refund take?

Please allow 2 working days from receipt of return for the refund to be processed. Once processed please allow between 5-10 working days to receive your refund credited to the account the goods were bought from.

Who do I contact for general enquiries, website help or order related issues?

Please email sales@es-sabers.co.uk and we will do our best to get back to you within 48 hours.