Bespoke Custom Saber

UPDATE: As of 24th April 2023, due to how busy we are with customisation jobs, commissions are now closed on bespoke sabers until further notice.

----------- BESPOKE SABERS -----------

If you are after a completely custom saber, made from scratch based on ideas and designs that you have then, this is something we can look at for you.

We can make a lot of sabers but are unable to guarantee we can make every single design we receive.

This process can take a little time back and forth with the initial ideas, and then how to actually manufacture/assemble it, along with any designs you want on it including weathering, etching and painting.

If you are looking for one of these hilts then please do fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

As these are made to order and bespoke, they differ from any other hilt we have on our store, so we will quote a price after seeing initial designs.