Xenopixel V2 - Firmware Updates

This page is a guide on how to update your Xenopixel V2 board (Eco Pixel).

In order to update effects, fix potential issues, and make improvements, firmware updates may released as needed. To make this as easy as possible to update, we currently only require one file be added to effect the upgrade.

Please follow the steps below to upgrade your Xenopixel V2 board,

Accessing your SD card:

1) Remove the grip and pommel to access your XenoPixel chassis.

2) Carefully remove the battery. This can be done by lightly tapping the end of the chassis against your hand. Remember the chassis is marked with positive (+) and negative (-) ends. Ensure on reinserting the battery that the positive and negative ends line up correctly.

3) Locate the micro SD card in the chassis. Be sure to note the orientation to make re-installation easier.

4) Carefully remove the micro SD card. Use your fingers or tweezers. Do not force the card upward or downward, as this could damage the connector.

Updating the firmware:

1) Download the ‘update.bin’ file from your vendor/source (available from us - ES Sabers). Open the file’s location on your PC or Mac.

2) Open the micro SD card, and open the ‘set’ folder.

3) Drop the ‘update.bin’ in the ‘set’ folder.

4) Once the .bin file is in the ‘set’ folder, safely eject your micro SD card and install it back into your chassis.

5) Install the battery, but do not turn the hilt on. Wait for sound confirmation once the battery is installed indicating that the update has begun, followed by one that indicates it has been completed.

Please listen carefully as the sound may be difficult to make out. Normal updates should take only a few seconds.

To access firmware updates, please use the links below.


13/12/2021 - Xenopixel V2 Firmware Update 1.5

17/12/2021 - Xenopixel V2 Firmware Update 1.5 (Crossguard Only)

03/02/2022 - Xenopixel V2 Firmware Update 1.6

08/03/2022 - Xenopixel V2 Firmware Update 1.7


As of 01/06/2022, we have 34 preset fonts that are installed on the sabers. If you require access to these if you have lost, edited or damaged your files then please do contact us and include your order number. We will provided a link to download all fonts.