Xeno3 Core - RGB

Xeno3 Core - RGB

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A Xeno3 core with either a round port or USB-C charging port.

An RGB lightsaber core is a state-of-the-art component designed for customisable and immersive lightsaber experiences. Ideal for collectors and enthusiasts, this core provides a range of vibrant colours and dynamic effects.

Key features of an RGB lightsaber core:

  1. Multi-Colour LED System: Equipped with high-quality RGB LEDs (Red, Green, Blue), the core allows users to switch between a vast spectrum of colours, enabling complete personalisation of your lightsaber. Whether you prefer a traditional blue, a striking red, or a unique purple blade, this core can deliver.

  2. Customisable Settings: The RGB lightsaber core includes an intuitive control system, often featuring buttons or a remote control. Users can easily select their preferred colour, adjust brightness, and choose from various preset colour modes, making each lightsaber truly unique.

  3. Sound Effects: Enhancing the realism, many RGB lightsaber cores come with soundboards that produce authentic sound effects. Enjoy the distinctive hum of the blade, clash sounds during duels, and dramatic power-on/power-off effects, elevating the overall experience.

  4. Rechargeable Battery: Powered by a rechargeable battery, the RGB lightsaber core offers long-lasting use. Convenient USB charging ports ensure that your lightsaber is always ready for action, without the hassle of frequent battery changes.

  5. Durability: Built to endure the demands of duelling and active use, the RGB lightsaber core is made from durable materials. This ensures it remains functional and reliable, even after intense battles.

  6. Compatibility: Designed for versatility, RGB lightsaber cores are compatible with a wide range of lightsaber hilts. This makes them perfect for custom builds and upgrades, allowing you to create the perfect lightsaber for any occasion.

With its cutting-edge features and high-quality construction, the RGB lightsaber core is the ultimate choice for any lightsaber enthusiast looking to personalise their weapon and enhance their experience.

The Xeno3 core can come as either RGB Base Lit or as a Pixel. The core has a 1 inch diameter and is 16.5cm in length. Can be connected to your phone via a bluetooth app where you can adjust settings.

*Battery not included - can be purchased separately