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Introducing the Princess Leia Blaster by Rubies Masquerade – the ultimate accessory for any Star Wars fan! Step into the iconic galaxy far, far away and channel your inner Rebel leader with this meticulously crafted plastic replica of Princess Leia's trusty blaster.

Key Features:

1. Authentic Design: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this Princess Leia Blaster captures the essence of the Star Wars universe. From its sleek, futuristic lines to the unmistakable Rebel Alliance look, this blaster is a true collector's item.

2. High-Quality Materials: Manufactured by Rubies Masquerade, a trusted name in the costume and cosplay industry, this blaster is made from durable plastic to ensure longevity and resilience during your adventures in the galaxy.

3. Screen-Accurate: Whether you're completing your Leia Organa costume or adding to your Star Wars memorabilia collection, this blaster's screen-accurate design is sure to impress even the most dedicated Star Wars enthusiasts.

4. Versatile Use: Perfect for conventions, cosplay events, or simply displaying proudly in your Star Wars collection, this Princess Leia Blaster will become the centerpiece of your Star Wars-themed adventures.

5. Easy to Handle: Designed with comfort in mind, this blaster features an ergonomic grip for easy handling, making it ideal for long hours of cosplay or role-playing fun. It is also lightweight so great for carrying around all day at events.

6. Join the Resistance: Embrace the Rebel spirit and stand up against the forces of the Empire with this Princess Leia Blaster by your side. Whether you're battling stormtroopers or simply showcasing your Star Wars passion, this blaster is the ultimate choice.


  • Brand: Rubies Masquerade
  • Franchise: Star Wars
  • Material: Plastic

Unleash your inner hero, pay homage to the fearless Princess Leia, and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Star Wars with the Princess Leia Blaster by Rubies Masquerade. Order yours today and let the Rebel Alliance live on through your adventures in a galaxy where hope always triumphs!

This stock blaster can be primed, painted and finished however you want, alternatively use it as it is!

The blaster is non functioning, so is perfect for Cosplay events.

If looking for a more realistic finish but don't want to do it yourself, head over and see our custom finished jobs on the blasters.