RGB Base Lit - Instructions

*As of October 2021 - There will no longer be pre installed music files or quotes due to licencing restrictions.

The updated controls (last update March 22) are,

When the saber is ON:

Blaster - Fast Click

Lockup - Hold 0.5 seconds

Gradual Colur Cycle - Hold 1 second

Fast Colour Cycle - Hold 1.5 Seconds


When the saber is OFF:

Volume - Hold 0.5 seconds

Blade Style/Light Effect - Hold 1 second

Cycle Font - Hold 1.5 Seconds

My Saber does not have an LED ring like in the videos, how do I use it?

Some of our sabers do not have the LED rings like shown in many of the YouTube instructions videos. These sabers include the Praxeum, and the majority of the Premium sabers.

These have been designed with a slightly different button to the standard sabers due to the design of the hilt and many have switch boards which cover the button anyway.

The sabers still function the same way as the instructions in the YouTube videos but require the button to be held based on timing rather than seeing a physical LED ring.

Any mention of 1 LED flash is equivalent to holding the button for 0.5 seconds. 2 LED flashes is 1 second. 3 LED flashes is 1.5 seconds and 4 LED flashes is 2 seconds.