What gives a lightsaber its colour?

In the Star Wars universe, a lightsaber's color is determined by the type of Kyber crystal used in its construction. Kyber crystals are rare, Force-sensitive crystals found on various planets across the galaxy, and they are at the heart of a lightsaber's functionality.

When a Jedi or Sith discovers a Kyber crystal, its color is initially colourless or white. However, when the crystal is attuned and bonded with a Force user during the lightsaber's construction, it takes on a specific colour based on the individual's connection with the Force and their personality traits.

Traditionally, Jedi lightsabers are known to have blue or green blades, though other colors such as yellow, purple, and white are also possible. Sith lightsabers, on the other hand, are commonly associated with red blades, which are often created through a process of artificially bending the Kyber crystal to the dark side of the Force.

As mentioned earlier, Kyber crystals are rare and naturally attuned to the Force. They are known to resonate with the living Force, which makes them sensitive to the intentions and emotions of Force users. Kyber crystals can be found in various colours, including blue, green, yellow, purple, red, and white. Each colour represents different aspects of the Force user's personality and alignment.

Blue lightsabers are often associated with Jedi Guardians, who are known for their skills in lightsaber combat and their dedication to defending others. Jedi Knights, who serve as peacekeepers and defenders of the galaxy, frequently wield blue lightsabers.

Green lightsabers are more commonly associated with Jedi Consulars, who are focused on their knowledge of the Force and often serve as diplomats, negotiators, or healers. The green colour signifies a deeper connection to the living Force and wisdom.

Jedi Sentinels are usually linked to yellow lightsabers. Sentinels are skilled in various disciplines, often combining combat abilities with a strong focus on investigation, espionage, and seeking out threats to the Jedi Order.

Purple lightsabers are relatively rare and are primarily associated with Jedi who have exceptional talents and skills. One well-known Jedi with a purple lightsaber is Mace Windu, who was a respected member of the Jedi High Council.

Sith and Dark Side Force users predominantly use red lightsabers. Sith obtain their crimson blades by forcibly bending a captured Kyber crystal to their will, causing the crystal to "bleed" and turn red. This process is symbolic of their corruption and alignment with the dark side of the Force.

White lightsabers are unique in that they are formed when a purified Kyber crystal is cleansed of the dark side's influence. This purification process occurs when a Sith or dark side user is redeemed and becomes a Jedi or when a dark side-attuned crystal is purified by a Jedi.

Other Colors: In addition to the main colors, there have been lightsabers with less common hues in various Star Wars media. For example, Ahsoka Tano wields lightsabers with white blades after leaving the Jedi Order. Additionally, in the "Star Wars: The High Republic" era, some Jedi wield lightsabers with different colors, reflecting the diversity of the Force.

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