19/11/21 - Proffie Out of Stock - Soon Replaced with GHv3

Hi all.

We have recently sold out of the majority of our Proffie cores - we have a few left which have been set up in Ezra hilts (currently only 4 remaining).

We also have big news that Proffie boards are going to be reaplced with the GHv3 (Golden Harvest) boards from Sabertec.

The reason for this change is due to the complexity and problems that come with programming the Proffie boards. For a lot of people this has been quite difficult and is not so user friendly if you do not know much about using Arduino and loading files on to the boards.

For anyone new to this it can be quite daunting and can easily go wrong so we are happy to currently be testing out the GHv3.

The GHv3 will support pixel LED blades, sounds and visuals similar to the Proffie, motion controls and much more, while also being a lot easier to customise your features compared to the Proffie.

We believe this will be a great move forwards for us offering these high end boards which are in line with Proffie and CFX.



ES Sabers

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