25/10/2022 - Proffie is back!

Hi all,

Recently we ran out of stock of the GHv3 and have not been given a confirmed date of when these will be returning to us. This was sad news for us as we know so many of you have been really enjoying them - and why wouldn’t you, they are such great boards!

On a brighter note, we have brought back the Proffie board so we will now be offering these as our high-end board in addition to our Eco and Standard (Xenopixel V2 and RGB Base Lit).

We have also been adding some fantastic customisation options on top of the weathering that we already offer. The weathering has been a massive hit and as a result we have now added battle scarring and exposed wiring.

On top of this, etching is coming very soon which we are extremely excited about. Tom from TS Creations has been working on some samples for us which we have shown below.

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May The Force Be With You!

ES Sabers Team




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