17/03/2022 - Working in Partnership with TS Creations

Hi all,

We recently had Tom from TS Creations come over to our unit in Hereford and we were able to introduce him to our business.

He has been creating hand made bespoke sabers for many years and has a lot of experience in weathering, etching and customising hilts. His work is remarkable and we have been really lucky to get him on board.

In the next few days we will be adding weathering options to all of our sabers, starting from a light weather to a more worn look with heavy weathering. These are all done by Tom so please do check out his social media account to see some of his work on instagram - @ts.creationssabers

As well as weathering we will also be adding etching designs and providing a few options for this. In additon to this, we will also be adding customised parts to add to your saber such as shrouds (the plates that sit around the emitter) and other parts.

Do keep an eye out for more updates to come!


James & Dan

ES Sabers

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