14/11/2022 - New Sabers and Black Friday

You may have seen that we have had a lot of new sabers go live on the website. If you haven't then do sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date on new releases.

For the last three weekends we have released a selection of these new hilts and had an offer on for that weekend only. We have only been advertising this to our mail list subscribers, not even our social media followers have had access to these deals and that is because we want to show value to those that have chosen to engage directly with our website.

If you have been getting these emails then do keep an eye out for a few more releases coming soon - we have some more great looking hilts going live over the next few weeks.

We will also be offering a huge 20% off discount for black friday on all of our products so do come and take a look on the 26th / 27th of this month (November).


ES Sabers Team

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