12/07/2023 - Who is Starkiller?

Starkiller is a character from the Star Wars expanded universe, specifically from the multimedia project known as "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed." Created by George Lucas, the character of Starkiller serves as the protagonist in the project's video games, novelizations, and comic books.

In "The Force Unleashed," Starkiller's birth name is Galen Marek. He was secretly trained in the ways of the Force by Darth Vader, who took him on as his secret apprentice. Starkiller possesses immense Force powers and exceptional combat skills, making him a formidable warrior.

Starkiller's appearance is reminiscent of a Sith, wearing a black hooded robe and wielding dual lightsabers. His lightsaber hilts feature a unique crossguard design, distinguishing him from other Jedi or Sith characters in the Star Wars universe.

The primary events of "The Force Unleashed" take place between the prequel and original Star Wars trilogies. Starkiller's story revolves around his role as a key figure in the formation of the Rebel Alliance. He is tasked by Darth Vader with hunting down and eliminating the remaining Jedi Knights as part of Emperor Palpatine's plan to secure his Sith rule.

However, as the story progresses, Starkiller starts questioning his loyalty to the dark side. He develops a deep bond with a young Rebel pilot named Juno Eclipse and encounters various influential characters, including Princess Leia Organa and Rahm Kota, a Jedi Master who becomes his mentor.

Throughout the game, Starkiller displays incredible Force abilities, such as telekinesis, Force lightning, and the power to unleash devastating Force attacks on his enemies. These abilities earned him the nickname "Starkiller," given by Darth Vader as a reminder of his power and purpose.

As the story unfolds, Starkiller faces numerous challenges, battles against powerful adversaries, and ultimately plays a pivotal role in igniting the spark of hope that leads to the Rebellion against the Empire.

It's worth noting that "The Force Unleashed" is part of the Star Wars expanded universe, which means it exists outside the main Star Wars film canon. However, it has garnered a significant fan following and offers an alternative perspective on the events between the original trilogy's storyline.

Overall, Starkiller is a complex and dynamic character whose journey explores themes of redemption, loyalty, and the struggle between the light and dark sides of the Force.

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