Proffie Pixel - Sounds, Visuals and Controls - Customisation

This page is to help you with customising your Proffie saber.

Before attempting this, please do know that by customising your saber you will void any warranty you have and also note that we do not offer support on Proffie board editing.

Please also create a back up of all original files that are installed on your saber before replacing or editing any them.

Below is the attached PDF file of the ProffieBoard v2 user manual by Fredrik Hubinette and Dmitry Shtok. This manual contains information on wiring diagrams, how to use, firmware upload and updates, changing sound board parameters, trouble shooting and more.

Full Proffie Board Instructions Manual

We also recommend watching a variety of Youtube videos before attempting any customisation. There are quite a few useful videos already around by Lando Sabers and Fett263.

There are two main ways of editing your Proffie - Replacing sound files on the SD card or editing/replacing config.h files and uploading using software such as Arduino. 

The first is to replace existing sound files by replacing any files on the SD card with your require sound - making sure you keep the file name exactly the same. This is the easiest way to change sounds and the pre prgrammed board will already be able to find these files when you receive your saber as long as the file names match.

The second way you need to download the latest version of the software Arduino. You can edit config by adding, replacing or removing blade styles and the folder locations that these styles look up. This can then be uploaded to the board and requires the matching files on the SD card.

Saber fonts can be purchased or download for free from various creators across the internet. Please make sure you have the correct files from any purchases or downloads - Proffie and not CFX or other boards as the wrong files could stop your saber form working correctly.

You can test or edit blades styles here - by Fredrik Hubinette

There is also more information on editing your Proffie here - by Fredrik Hubinette

Proffieboard Style Library by Fett263 can be found here