3/11/21 - Music Files

Hi all,

Due to licensing restrictions we have had to currently put a hold on adding music files to the sabers.

We are looking for alternatives for this but any sabers ordered after Oct 21 will not contain music.

All other sounds and features will work as normal including smooth swing, blaster sounds, character sounds, ignition sounds and others.

We do apologise for any inconvenince cause by this and hopefully can get a fix on this as soon as possible.



ES Sabers

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  • @James Duley – Yes this sounds a great idea! We will have a look to see if this is soething that can be done

  • Sorry to hear about the music troubles you have. I was lucky enough to get my saber 6 or 7 weeks ago and love that feature. As a thought for an alternative for now what if you used “battle sound effects” so it sounds like tie fighters are flying around while blasters are being fired etc or would this have the same issue?

    James Duley

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