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Our mystery box will contain a random saber hilt with the chosen core (standard RGB base lit, Ecopixel or Proffie) and a random blade length.

These are from our Standard and Premium range which retail from £85 and up. The Mystery Box does not include any of the kids sabers.

You also have the option of picking a Guaranteed Premium Mystery Box where you will be guaranteed one of our Premium Hilts at random.

All sabers have various character fonts with a mute function if no sound is required or wanted. Adjustable volume lets you set how loud the 2-3W speaker plays sounds.

Flash on clash giving a more realistic combat feel when hitting objects.

Smooth swing alters the volume and pitch of the swing sounds based on the speed and orientation of the saber motion.

The hilt is made from aluminium alloy, making it strong and durable. The hilt also has multiple sections which can be disassembled so the sabers can be customised with alternative parts.

The polycarbonate blade with a 2mm thickness can withstand hard impact so it is suitable for duelling and hitting against other blade.

Comes with a 3000mAh or 3600mAh rechargeable battery depending on if it uses a pixel blade and USB charging cable with a charging time of about 4-8 hours.

Allen key and screws are included to let you assemble the blade to the hilt.

These pixel blades have a 50W LED strip that runs along the entire length of the blade. This makes the blade much brigther compared to the 12W LED RGB base lit version.

The Eco has some customisable options on settings such as motion controls and default font colours. You can also edit and add you own sounds.

For those wanting a super bright 50W LED combat saber without wanting to customise sounds and visuals, then we recommend the Eco Pixel saber. These are a fantastic step up from the 12W RGB base lit sabers but at a more reasonable cost compared to the GHv3 and Proffie Pixel sabers.

 Instructions on how to use the sabers can be found here